Auto object mapper to copy property values automatically.

object hierarchy

I was working on a project that required mapping values to complex objects when I say complex the target object was a large collection of multiple objects several levels. Some of the objects to which the values had to be mapped were several levels down. The task of finding the correct objects or directly assigning values to the properties of objects was tedious, especially if it had to be done over and over again. This problem led me to create

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Horizontal Scaling vs Vertical Scaling

I will try to explain this briefly and hopefully this will help somebody someday. Scaling is the ability of a system or network to grow and handle more amount of work. This work could be any kind of processing from a single user or from multiple users. Why do you want to Scale? A system over the period of time might want to processed request many request from multiple users. Which would be difficult if the system has limited resources

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Access modifiers and it’s Importance

Access modifiers is one of the important parts of object-oriented programming which is often overlooked. This is used to define and implement some fundamental concepts in object-oriented programming. Access modifiers are keywords used to define the accessibility or scope of type or members. Different programming languages have different access modifiers, but we will look at the access modifiers in c#. What is the importance of Access Modifiers? We need access modifiers to restrict the scope of a type or member,

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