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Hello fellow developers and engineers. Isn’t the above statement true that software engineering is an art? Here is my brief opinion on this. You already know why it is a science so I will keep the science part really short.

Why is it an Art?

Here is why in my opinion, when developing an application. We not only look at the technology behind it, but we look at the aesthetics, design, and architecture. A good developer also needs to look at how easily readable and understandable the application and code is. One has to take time to consider how the application can grow and develop later. Just knowing the technology and being strong in the coding is not enough nowadays. It is required to approach a problem from multiple different angles.

Let’s take for example the task of developing a user interface, we always consider the user experience and strive to make it an appealing and enjoyable experience, often reflecting and making decisions based on our own experiences from the past.

Nowadays software engineering is not a one person’s project, but rather a community project and its always about working together.

Why is it a Science

It is science because to craft good software we need to learn, research, test and observe. We then have to apply what we have learned and observed in design and development. We often have to deep dive into an area and we strive to keep up with the changes in an area or technology.


To be better in software engineer, I strongly believe in keeping our minds open, one has to shed our shame and be bold and ask a lot of questions. Never fear if the question we ask is a good one or a trivial one. Always be curious about everything around us. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, but learn from them. Discuss, debate and politely challenge each other. This will bring the best in each of us!

Happy Coding!