5 Useful DB2 Queries

Here are some DB2 queries that can be very useful. 5 Useful Queries In DB2 Query to identify Stores Procedures using a particular table View the code on Gist. Identify Schema used by Stored Procedures View the code on Gist. Identify Primary Key of a table View the code on Gist. Identify Foreign key of a table View the code on Gist. View used by table View the code on Gist.

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Log4net rolling file log based on date and file size

Logging is an important part of any application and a developer spends a good amount of time writing code to log. Logging is important as this helps us create a trace of all the events in the application and in turn helps in debugging, identifying and analyzing issues and bugs. Log4net is an open source framework for logging the output in an application. The application framework is released under Apache License, Version 2.0. Log4net provides multiple types of logging techniques.

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Access modifiers and it’s Importance

Access modifiers is one of the important parts of object-oriented programming which is often overlooked. This is used to define and implement some fundamental concepts in object-oriented programming. Access modifiers are keywords used to define the accessibility or scope of type or members. Different programming languages have different access modifiers, but we will look at the access modifiers in c#. What is the importance of Access Modifiers? We need access modifiers to restrict the scope of a type or member,

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